Why is the Ministry undertaking this Study?

    There is a need for a longer-term governance arrangement that reflects the current growth, development, and demographics at the UEL while reconciling the long-standing representation gap. Through this study, the Province will gather and share information about the complexities of the current service delivery structure, the diversity of interests involved, and what change could mean.

    Through meaningful engagement, the UEL Study represents an opportunity for UEL residents and other interested parties to have an informed conversation about future ways to provide local services. Once the Province has full information about the impacts of potential change on all interests, the Province will assess any future steps.

    How can the public participate?

    Public participation is a key component of the UEL Study. As we launch this engagement process, it is important to acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges people across the Province are experiencing. To keep the UEL community safe and help slow the spread of COVID-19, the initial engagement process will begin online. Shifting the engagement to a virtual environment will still enable meaningful input from the UEL community and interested parties. The Ministry will continue to monitor the situation, taking direction from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). When the time is right, we look forward to meeting in-person and continuing the conversations face-to-face.

    Throughout the UEL Study, UEL community members and others can participate in several key ways:

    • By reviewing the Community Profile and series of Service Highlights developed for the UEL Study to better understand how local services are currently delivered.
    • By following the UEL Study on the project website (www.uelgovernance.ca), Facebook (UEL Governance) and Twitter (@uelgovernance).
    • By signing-up or registering on the project website to receive updates about the UEL Study.
    • By participating in future online surveys / quick polls.
    • By participating in future open houses (in-person or virtual, depending on PHO or related guidance).
    • By providing written submissions or questions on the project website, or sending an e-mail to info@uelgovernance.ca.